Jihad Analytics offers three lines of services:

Risk assessments

Jihad Analytics offers analytical reports and policy briefs to help identify trends and threats.

OSINT analyses
and trainings

Jihad Analytics provides OSINT/ GEOINT/SOCMINT reports and trainings to a varied public.

Data-driven and tailored reports and articles

From its unique worldwide database, Jihad Analytics includes graphs and maps in customisable reports


Jihad Analytics provides the following deliverables:

Analytical reports and policy briefs

OSINT analyses & training

Media articles

Conferences & seminars

Jihad Analytics has a unique worldwide database containing the maximum amount of information available on more than 26 000 worldwide attacks carried out since October 2015 by groups affiliated to the Islamic State. From this database, our company produces graphs and maps that are included in the analyses/reports/articles.

The latter aim to help identify trends as variations in the threat level in a given area, changes in military equipment and tactics, the effect of military operations, meteorological or other factors on the behaviour of the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda.